About Us

Our history

The company began its activities in 2008 in a small winery and with few staff, with patience and a lot of effort, it consolidated itself as a production and marketing company; Since the beginning we have specialized in the supply of disposable medical-surgical clothing and supplies for the health and industrial sectors. Over the years we have incorporated new product lines with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs. . We have excellent human capital which is permanently trained in order to be updated on changes and innovations in the sector and assumed to be at the forefront of the processes and products offered. In 2016 QUIRURGICOS ALFA SAS was born, the changes do not end with the name and the innovation and business transformation of the company begins to evolve in 2019 to QUIRURGICOS TESTILÉ SAS with which we will be a reference in the industry at a national and international level for our quality, responsibility , service and excellent products.

Our Mission

QUIRURGICOS TESTILÉ SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to the marketing of disposable surgical clothing and supplies for the health sector, which contributes to the social and economic development of our patients, committed to respect for human beings, the environment and current legislation. We are a competitive company seeking the growth of our clients, improving the quality of life of our collaborators and generating profits for our shareholders.

Our Vision

QUIRURGICOS TESTILÉ SAS in 2025 will be a nationally recognized company in the health sector, with strengthened human capital and infrastructure and excellent quality products, which will guarantee to be differentiated in the market, for which we will rely on changes in the internal processes that allow us to grow and continue positioning ourselves as a leading organization in the sector.

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