Active Commitment

At Quirúrgicos Testilé, sustainability is not just a goal; It is a fundamental part of our identity. We are committed to leading the way toward a more conscious and sustainable medical care industry, always seeking to balance product excellence with environmental responsibility.



Our company is dedicated to adopting eco-friendly practices in all phases of production, from the choice of materials to the final disposal of waste.

Responsible Material Selection

We opt for high-quality raw materials that not only meet the required health standards, but also minimize our environmental impact. The responsible selection of materials is essential to guarantee the durability of our products and reduce the generation of waste.

Comprehensive Waste Management

We are committed to comprehensive waste management that prioritizes reduction, reuse and recycling. We work closely with companies specialized in recycling waste material to guarantee that each piece of discarded material has a useful second life, thereby contributing to the circular economy.

Participation in Recycling Initiatives

Quirurgicos Testilé actively collaborates with local and global recycling initiatives. We encourage the participation of our staff in recycling programs and promote environmental awareness in each of our employees. We believe that a collective approach is essential to achieving meaningful change.

Products made of recycled supplies

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly exploring new technologies and methods that allow us to move towards more sustainable practices. Continuous innovation is key to adapting to growing environmental demands and finding solutions that benefit both society and the planet.

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